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Excellent product I've been taking these before my workouts, I definitely feel more energetic and focused in the gym, I definitely recommend these !! I will be purchasing again
Well I am pleasantly surprised to find they work for me , apertite is reduced, took up knitting teddys to occupy the boredom times and 12lb gone so far
I have noticed I've slimmed down, I cycle and eat sort of well so this has contains caffeine so I wouldn't recommend using it at night before bed!
This product works insanely well they arrived super fast and I lost weight faster they may not smell the nicest but they definitely work
These are amazing!!! Loads more energy and they work really well with the shake. Lost a stone in 10 days!
Brilliant product. Suppresses appetite and gives me an energy boost to push even harder at the gym. Only wished it was stronger to be honest. Definitely recommend!