Vitamin D3 supplements are the best way to deal with vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D is one of the essential hormones in your body. Yes, you read it right, it is a crucial hormone necessary for good health, and it helps to recover health issues like fatigue and muscle weakness. Vitamin D is also known as the sunshine vitamin as it automatically produces in the body once your skin comes in contact with the sun’s rays. But what if you have low vitamin D levels?

Vitamin D3 supplements are the best way to deal with vitamin D deficiency. The dosage should be taken under the recommendation of a doctor. Vitamin D3 supplements can help you deal with weak bones, depression, osteoporosis, muscle weakness, and many other health problems.

In this article, we will share the significant benefits of vitamin D3. We will also share how vitamin D3 works and what would be the standard amount of vitamin D3 supplements that a person should take as per age.

Are Vitamin D and Vitamin D3 the Same?

Vitamin D3 is a form of vitamin D naturally found in animals, and it can be produced in the human body naturally by skin exposure to sunlight. The effect is the same as vitamin D3 fulfills the same deficiencies in the body as vitamin D2. The only difference is the source from which you obtain it. Moreover, the vitamin D gained from the D3 sources has lasting effects compared to D2.

Why is Vitamin D3 Essential for the Body?

Even though we get most of our vitamin D from sun exposure, the amount of vitamin D sufficiency may vary depending on the age, season, time of the day, and clothing habits. The serum 25(OH)D concentration should be below 75 nmol/L to achieve the ideal vitamin D sufficiency.

Vitamin D deficiency can lead to weakness in bones and muscles. You may lose efficiency and experience fatigue and depression. Therefore, it’s ideal for including vitamin D supplements in your diet to maintain the deficiency.

10 Health Benefits of Vitamin D3

Here are some of the significant benefits of using Vitamin D3 supplements, which are also essential to a healthy lifestyle.

1.      It makes your Bones Stronger

The majority of calcium is a part of our bones and teeth. It is wise to take sufficient calcium, but it won’t do any good if it is not absorbed appropriately. Vitamin D3 supports in managing and absorbing calcium in your body which is vital for your teeth and bones.

2.      Boosts your Immune System

Your body would feel healthy if your immune system distributes hormones correctly. That’s where Vitamin D supports by stimulating T-cell production. It will allow the immune system to appropriately respond to viral infections like common fever, influenza, and other viral illnesses caused by bacteria, fungi, or viruses.

3.      Prevents Cancer

The essential Vitamin D3 can reduce the chances of developing various types of cancer in your body. Multiple studies have shown that people who reside in the southern regions have more exposure to the sun and have low chances of developing tumors or cancers.

As we mentioned before, skin exposure to the sun enhances the vitamin D process in your body. Moreover, vitamin D is linked to cancer studies. It repairs and regenerates cells in your body, affecting the growth of cancer tumors and reducing blood vessel formation.

4.      Less Fat More Muscles

It may seem unbelievable, but vitamin D3 is also pretty adequate if you want to lose that extra fat. Vitamin D helps to alternate the storage and formation of fat cells in your body. The necessary amount of vitamin D3 in your diet, along with some healthy exercise, can bring promising results for weight loss.

If you’re looking to get shredded, vitamin D3 can support better muscle function. A higher proportion of vitamin D can help you to gain leaner bodies with greater muscle mass.

5.      Reduces the Rheumatoid Arthritis Risk

Rheumatoid Arthritis is a chronic disease which causes due to inflammatory joints. The immune system misunderstands the lining of your muscles, causing stiffness and inflammation. This disease can be cured by strengthening your bones and joints if you take the necessary vitamin D3. Rheumatoid Arthritis is also caused due to deficiency of vitamin D in your body.

6.      Helps to Maintain Blood Pressure

Lack of vitamin D can lead to high blood pressure, causing hypertension and stress. Previously the cause of hypertension was unknown in various individuals who lived a completely normal lifestyle. However, an extensive study reveals that an increase in vitamin D can significantly decrease blood pressure. In this regard, a regular vitamin D3 supplement can help prevent high blood pressure in the long term.

7.      Reduces the Risk of Diabetes

If you have diabetes, you might want to increase your vitamin D intake as a priority. Study reveals that vitamin D deficiency can lead to type 2 diabetes, in which insulin secretion is reduced from the pancreas.

Therefore, it is crucial to consult your doctor to see if it’s ideal for your health to take vitamin D3 supplements to stimulate insulin resistance in your body.

8.      Avoid Mood Disorder

If you live somewhere with least sunlight and darker months due to lack of sun exposure, you might become a victim of Seasonal Affective disorder. It is a mood disorder that is caused due to vitamin D deficiency in your body. Sadness and mood swings are this disorder’s primary symptoms, which can be dealt with by taking the necessary amount of vitamin D3 supplement.

9.      Encourage Hari Growth

One of the most common issues adults face nowadays is hair loss. Since hair loss is linked to our immune system, the vitamin D supplement can help boost your immune system for growing healthier hair. Lack of vitamin D can lead to various hair problems, including alopecia.

10.  Gives a Healthy Nervous System

Vitamin D3 is an essential supplement for nervous system development as it helps to improve cognitive functions. The lack of vitamin D in your body can cause various neurological problems like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

How does Vitamin D3 Work?

Vitamin D is found in a few foods due to its being a fat-soluble vitamin. Commonly its obtained as a supplementary diet. In addition to that, it can also be obtained from natural sunlight. The process of vitamin D production in the body initiates when sunlight hits the skin to stimulate vitamin D synthesis.

Vitamin D can be obtained from various foods, supplements, and biological sources. But your body must go through two hydroxylation processes to become active. The hydroxylation process occurs in the liver to convert vitamin D to Calcidiol. Calcidiol circulates in the bloodstream and regulates calcium and phosphate to process the body’s bone formation and muscular functions.

Recommended Vitamin D3 Supplement

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Vitamin D3 4000 IU – Easy to Swallow 365 One Year Supply Micro Vegetarian Tablets

Vitamin D3 4000 IU

The Vitamin D3 4000 IU by Kick Nutrition is your essential sunshine vitamin to recover the vitamin D deficiency in your body. It will help you to give an extra boost of power to fight fatigue and depressive symptoms. It’s the perfect solution to cover your essential vitamin D dosage in a hectic daily routine.

The vitamin D3 supplement is the best option for vegetarians as it helps them maintain essential vitamins without eating meat. It can give you tremendous benefits, including a healthier heart, strong bones, and improved muscle mass. These easy-to-swallow vitamin tablets cover one year of supply in single packaging under the guarantee of a certified GMP facility.


Vitamins are an essential part of our body that help keep it functioning and live an active lifestyle. Lacking the necessary dosage in your body, like vitamin D, may seem like not a big deal until you begin to feel its effects. This article featured some of the fantastic benefits you can get by fulfilling the vitamin D deficiency in your body.

But it’s a challenging job to keep a check balance of our health in the hectic daily routines. Therefore, we recommend a suitable vitamin D3 supplement to help maintain your health needs. We hope this article provided you with some insightful information about the health benefits of vitamin D3 supplements.

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